IEHP Foundation Grants

Working together with IE Nonprofits to Advance Vibrant Health

Our grants advance IEHP Foundation’s mission to inspire and ignite the health of the Inland Empire. As a place-based funder in the  Inland Empire, we are committed to supporting programs, organizations and people who are working to ensure Vibrant Health is accessible to all in our region.

We proactively partner with nonprofit organizations in San Bernardino and Riverside counties and only accept proposals in response to open Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

Open Grant/RFP Applications:

$5,000 grant award + 10-Week Business Management Training 
Nonprofits in San Bernardino County with annual operating budget of $500,000 or less. 

Capacity Building Training offered in partnership with Caravanserai Project

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Throughout IEHP Foundation community listening sessions, nonprofit leaders shared their concerns and need for more general operating funding and staff/leadership training to enhance infrastructure and foster better relationships with county and other funding partners. 

The Collaborative Capacity Building Grant aims to strengthen business operations and help organizations better serve their communities. To receive the grant award, the selected nonprofit’s leader must complete a 10-week educational course led by our partner, Caravanserai Project, to enhance nonprofit leaders’ business management skills and empower their organization to scale and expand their services.  

After the selected organization’s leader completes the program, IEHP Foundation will award a $5,000 grant for building up infrastructure such as professional services, software, equipment and other general operating and non-programmatic expenses. 

Key Dates and Deadlines  

  • February 20: Application Opens – Grants will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.  
  • March 20: Application Closes 


We’ve intentionally created a simple and brief application for you to easily complete within 15 minutes or less.  

Online Application Link 

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